What is Team Campus

Never compromise. Team campus living is a luxury live, work, play community where wellness is the heart of our design. Rather than sacrificing one need for another, Team Campus brings balance and harmony to community planning. By creating an all-encompassing environment to live, work, and play, residents can prioritize healthy living by tending to their minds, bodies, spirits, and selves through daily connection with their community. From our state-of-the-art expansive and well-appointed health club to our robust retail and medical spaces, from our thoughtfully designed apartments to our indoor and outdoor amenities, every feature of this campus was designed to foster wellbeing, harmony, and health. A blueprint for the future, Team Campus allows for personal and professional development while fostering meaningful ties to one another. Come see what makes our campus a happy, healthy, home.

Team Campus

project overview

Wellness Community Living

If home is where the heart is, it stands to reason that it should be healthy and happy. Welcome Home! Team Campus offers luxurious living through thoughtfully appointed apartments centered in a carefully constructed community comprised of everything needed to Live Work Play and Thrive.

Sq Ft Team85 Health Club
sq. ft. of Apartment Amenities
OVER Sq Ft of Office/Retail


Team Campus highlights incredible amenities that fuse form and function. Come and be wowed by the beauty of the atrium, the immersive adventures within the gaming sphere, and the community comradery of the lounge.  

Fitness Center/Health Club

More than a gym, Team85 Fitness and Wellness Center offers premium services and exclusive amenities available to all members in a spacious and well-appointed health and fitness facility.

The community of the future, today. Live, work, play, and thrive with an expansive campus incorporating extraordinary housing options, retail and medical spaces, indoor and outdoor amenities, and so much more. Designed with your health and happiness in mind, this campus brings health and wellness right into the heart of the community.

The Point

Affordable adult living at its best. The Point offers those aged 55+ the convenience of leasing an apartment in Central New Jersey while enjoying a wealth of amenities throughout a beautiful and thoughtfully designed campus.

Retail Shops

Never go far for your needs. Team Campus Retail Shops have you covered!



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